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Comfortable room in home w/walkable Village charm
개인실 · 최대 인원 2명 · 침대 0개 · 공동 사용 욕실 1개

Comfortable room in home w/walkable Village charmQuiet room w/queen size bed centrally located to SPAC, Saratoga Race Track and I-87 Northway. Shared bath, kitchen, washer/dryer in basement and free large parking lot. Wi-Fi, streaming TV, window air conditioner, laptop desk. Use of quiet back porch and fire bowl with Adirondack chairs in our fenced back yard. Your SMALL/MED pet is welcome with crate (not on the bed). Leashed at all times in common spaces.

Tamarack Lodge
주거용 공간 전체 · 최대 인원 5명 · 침대 0개 · 욕실 2.5개

Tamarack LodgeArtistic eco-house for adventurous nature lovers! Connect with nature from every room in this peaceful artist's retreat in a world-famous ecovillage in the heart of the Finger Lakes. Enjoy the long views of Ithaca's hills, gardens, meadows and forest paths, secret gorge, and swimming pond in this serene and inspiring retreat.

뉴욕에서 파이어 아일랜드까지 이어지는 패치코그 비치 전원주택
전원주택 전체 · 최대 인원 4명 · 침대 2개 · 욕실 1개

뉴욕에서 파이어 아일랜드까지 이어지는 패치코그 비치 전원주택뉴욕에서 단 한 시간 거리에 있는 아름다운 전원주택입니다. 불섬으로 가는 페리 옆에 위치하고 있습니다! 롱아일랜드의 레스토랑, 와이너리, 양조장뿐만 아니라 파이어 아일랜드 (Fire Island) 를 즐겨보세요. Patchogue Village에 완벽하게 위치하고 있으며 Fire Island 페리에서 몇 걸음, 기차역에서 몇 분 거리에 있습니다.

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  1. 주거용 공간 전체
  2. 사라낵 레이크
Lakefront House, Lake Flower, Saranac Lake, NY
  1. 공동 주택 전체
  2. 윌밍턴(Wilmington)
화이트페이스 마운틴! 정말 멋진 전망!
  1. 주거용 공간 전체
  2. Plattsburgh
뉴 레이크 하우스 전체, 전용 데크, 넓은 잔디정원
  1. 전원주택 전체
  2. Rhinebeck
뉴욕 주 라인벡의 멋진 레몬 코티지
  1. 통나무집 전체
  2. Palenville
빅메디슨 랜치 (Big Medicine Ranch)
  1. 전원주택 전체
  2. Lake Placid
특별한 휴가를 위한 야생화 전원주택!
  1. 전원주택 전체
  2. Schroon Lake
슈룬 호수 마을의 아늑한 전원주택
  1. 샬레 전체
  2. 호바트
캣스킬 로맨틱 캐빈으로 떠나보세요
  1. 통나무집 전체
  2. Glenwood
스프라그 브룩까지 걸어서 갈 수 있는 로맨틱하고 아늑한 베어 캐빈.
  1. 전원주택 전체
  2. 허먼(Hermon)
Island View - a peaceful retreat on Trout Lake
  1. 통나무집 전체
  2. Old Forge
ADK 베이스 캠프
  1. 초소형 주택
  2. 윌밍턴(Wilmington)
아디론닥 코드우드 산장 화이트페이스 2마일 늑대!

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Unique activities hosted by local experts vetted for quality

  • 내 안의 반 고흐 만나기
    Hello and welcome to Van Gogh Find Yourself Online. The Important thing is that there is no judgement. Remember this. We are here to let go and have a little fun. So relax a bit, breathe and #GetDrawnIn by the Master. Vincent Willem Van Gogh Online: For the month of August 7-28 and The Edinburgh Festival Fringe, I am offering 1 free show a day on AirBnB as a part of the PBH Free Fringe. Also there is, Dinner with Van Gogh, every night at 7pm an in person event in Edinburgh with a vegan meal. In person and online we will all sketch share our initial drawings after the 5 minute sketches. At this point, Vincent will reveal the stories and secrets behind his paintings You will draw along and add colors to your initial drawing. If anyone has a question please raise your hand. When Vincent is done telling you his story, Walter arrives and we will share our our art and chat about your experience. If you have no paint supplies you can just be happy with that and if you feel adventurous you can always add some color from household items. I personally have used coffee before for a little shading. Other things to note The experience is best viewed from a computer, phone, tablet. Please leave a review w/pictures of the art, this is one way to support an artist while they are alive.
  • 뉴욕 아티스트와 함께 내면을 담은 그림 그리기
    EXPLORE CREATIVITY FROM THE INSIDE OUT! As experienced by team Google, Apple, Facebook, Nike, Netflix, YouTube, NPR, Amazon, Linkedin, Twitter, Spotify, Johnson & Johnson & Mind/Body Online. Featured in Travel & Leisure, Mercury News, & Downtown Magazine. Check out Ben's recent interview in Cultbytes online. No art experience necessary. No drawing skills required! Great for team-building, social connection & creative reflection. This is not a technical drawing exercise but an exercise in enlivening the imagination & accessing the creative capacity of body & mind. 'Drawn from Within' explores the way in which drawing enhances the relationship between inside & outside & allows us to see familiarity with renewed curiosity. The experience provides entry into the creative mind & distills creative principles that can be applied to other areas. ‘Drawn from Within’ is a playful & interactive exploration of how creativity actually works. A restorative, meaningful & fun way for teams, families & friends to connect, designed specifically as a creative response to this time of separation & uncertainty. Please message Ben Ponté directly to ask about group discounts or specific times not already listed on the calendar. NOW ACCEPTING GROUPS UP TO 500!
  • 할머니 손맛 비결이 담긴 동유럽 전통빵 만들기
    Let's have fun & travel to Slovakia! (at least with our taste buds and the best traditional pastry :) **NOTE: CONTACT ME FOR SPECIAL RATES FOR BIG GROUPS & COMPANIES** During this online baking class, I'll teach you step-by-step how to make the TWO most delicious traditional pastries from scratch: --> Koláče - traditional sweet-filled buns & --> Babka - sweet braided bread This is a VERY interactive class with YOU being able to bake, learn, and make the most of it. It is a relaxed, super fun yet educational class packed with plenty of tips on how to work with yeast-based doughs. During the class, I will be sharing about our rich culinary heritage & food customs WHAT WE'LL DO: 1. We'll start by explaining a bit about the ingredients with a focus on yeasts as there are certain rules to be followed anytime you're baking with them 2. We'll move on with preparing the dough, give it some time to rest and in the meantime, we'll prepare fillings 3. Lastly, we'll proceed with filling, shaping, baking, and of course, tasting :) PLUS: After the class, I'll send you THREE more traditional recipes that you can make with the very same dough. Yum :) This experience is GREAT FOR GROUPS and TEAM-BUILDINGS as well. Reconnect with your team, have fun and enjoy delicious pastries afterward​ - by today I had a chance to teach teams from companies like Grammarly, Google, Airbnb & many more
  • 터키식 커피 + 커피 가루로 운세 알아보기
    *Rated #7 Best Global Airbnb Experience by Buzzfeed* Turkish coffee fortune reading is an authentic tradition dating back to the Ottoman empire of the 1600s. After drinking this sweet, espresso-like coffee, it is customary to read one's fortune from the remaining coffee grinds. Per old school Turkish style, we prepare the coffee on hot sand. The grinds are then projected onto an iPad screen allowing for a visual fortune-telling experience unlike any other. The symbols and figures inside your coffee cup are interpreted right before your eyes. These readings are always fun, light-hearted, but most importantly - insightful! Handcrafted (Vegan + Gluten-Free) JuJu Turkish Delights will also be at offer. Summer season flavors for 2021 are as follows : *Lemon + Thyme* *Rose + Black Pepper* *Cardamom + Coffee* *Matcha + Cocoa* (PS: Per ancient Turkish tradition - each session is communal to small groups of up to 4-5 participants. Private sessions also available if you'd prefer!) Görüşmek üzere! -Dr. Honeybrew @drhoneybrew
  • 새 친구 염소를 소개합니다
    Visit our peaceful, natural, and unique farm setting! Spend time meeting our menagerie of critters as you make your way through the farm to our baby goats! Put life on pause as you enjoy an hour and a half of tranquility in a secluded area on our farm while cuddling cute baby goats! After some initial cuddle time, we’ll introduce you to the rest of the herd. You can even take the goats on a forage in the woods while walking a peaceful nature trail, if you’d like! Other things to note Larger groups may be accommodated upon request. The Goatie Cuddle experience is best when tailored to smaller, more intimate (rather than mixed) groups.