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아담한 원룸에서 고급 로프트 스타일의 숙소까지, 에어비앤비에서 회원님이 찾는 휴가별장 임대 숙소를 검색해보세요.
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Chios의 휴가별장 임대

₩51372 Beach apartment in " Spiti Anatoli"
후기 24개

Studios for 2 pers. in a charming property which stands directly on the golden sandy beach of Karfas. Beach-lovers could not wish for a better location at the quieter end of Ka... 더 읽어보기
₩44367 Auntie's House
후기 22개

Before we turned it into a 55 m2 two-storey studio, auntie used this place as a granary and a stable. On the ground floor there is a big multi-room, which includes a kitchen ben... 더 읽어보기
후기 12개

SEAFRONT is considered to be the only new and fully equipped Studio-Apartments in Chios town, which is situated next to the beach and overlooks the coast of Turkey in a calm and... 더 읽어보기
₩70053 Αγιά Φωτιά Seafront ΟροφοΜεζονέτα
후기 12개

Άνετο, φωτεινό, ασφαλές και ανεξάρτητο διαμέρισμα (35τμ) με διπλό υπνοδωμάτιο στο πατάρι, με σαλόνι που διαθέτει καναπέ-κρεβάτι, με κουζίνα, μπάνιο με ντουσιέρα και καταπληκτικό... 더 읽어보기
₩82896 Παραδοσιακό Σπίτι ΥΑΚΥΝΘΟΣ
후기 6개

Παραδοσιακό Σπίτι "Υάκινθος" Μεγάλο τρίκλινο δωμάτιο σπίτι (1 διπλό & 1 μονό κρεβάτι), στον πρώτο όροφο. Περιλαμβάνει ιδιωτικό μπάνιο με ντους, ΤV, ψυγείο - μίνι μπαρ, κλιματισ... 더 읽어보기
₩50205 ON the port of Chios! 39€
후기 8개

Visit the Island of Chios The apartment is based on the port of Chios but in a quite neightborhood since it is on a vertical street of the perimeter of the port. You may have ... 더 읽어보기

인기있는 Chios 임대 별장

₩38529 Εξοχικό δίπλα στη θάλασσα
후기 7개

Το σπίτι βρίσκεται 100 μ. μακριά από την παραλία της Κώμης , μια από τις πιο δημοφιλείς παραλίες του νησιού, με πολλά ωραία εστιατόρια / μπαρ και 3χλμ μακριά από μία από τις πιο... 더 읽어보기
₩54875 Porto Chios Boutique Rooms
후기 5개

Στην καρδιά της αγοράς, 1 λεπτό από το λιμάνι της Χίου, την κεντρική πλατεία, τα μουσεία, τις δημόσιες υπηρεσίες, τις γραφικές ταβέρνες, τα ουζερί και τα μπαρ της πόλης της Χίου 더 읽어보기
₩88734 beach apart. 4pers right on the sea
후기 5개

Spiti Anatoli "the sea at your door step", is divided into 3 apartments for 4/6 people each. Each apartment (2 bedrooms) has its own private entrance and terrace overlooking t... 더 읽어보기
₩38529 Eden garden cozy house@heart Chios
후기 7개

Άνετο σπίτι στην καρδιά της Χίου σε ωραία γειτονιά με ταβέρνα και μίνι μάρκετ. Γείτονας οδηγός ταξί θα σας φέρει σπίτι από το αεροδρόμιο για 5€ ενώ από το λιμάνι μπορείτε να έλ... 더 읽어보기
₩152949 Affordable mansion with view
후기 6개

A trully beautiful mansion with a garden, at walking distance from the sea. This kind of elegant jewels are a typical architectural sample from the 19th century, built by the w... 더 읽어보기
₩99242 Mastic Boutique Apartment
후기 4개

A stunning and stylish 2 bedroom flat located in in the hearth of the Chios city center, in a very nice neighbourhood, with restaurants, pubs and many other shops, next to Chios... 더 읽어보기

Chios의 휴가별장 임대 더 보기

₩51372 Studios "NEFELI''
후기 5개

Full furnitured appartments, 150m from the sea, seaview, near to the historical place of ''Homerus Stone''- the place where Homerus teached- in Daskalopetra area. 더 읽어보기
₩101577 Wonderful House by the sea
후기 4개

Εκεί όπου το φώς με τη σκιά παίζουν κρυφτό και σε τραβούν μακριά από την πραγματικότητα εκεί όπου η χρυσή άμμος σε ακουμπά και η χαρά και η απόλαυση της ζωής γίνονται υπηρέτες σ... 더 읽어보기
₩64215 Venetis House Kambos
후기 6개

Traditional cozy apartments in a quiet natural environment, 1 km from the seaside and 5 km from Chios town. Free bikes available. 더 읽어보기
₩108582 monolia maisonettes meltemi
후기 6개

Dear Murat You keep sending me good news! Please let me know the time of your arrival, I will most probably wait for you in the port. I look forward meeting you. Best Elina A... 더 읽어보기
₩51372 beach studio, direct on sandy beach
후기 3개

Studio for 2/3 pers. Beach-lovers could not wish for a better location than this charming property, which opens directly onto the soft and gently shelving sands at the quieter e... 더 읽어보기
후기 4개

Conveniently located, SEAFRONT is considered to be the only new and fully equipped Studio-Apartments in Chios town, which is situated next to the beach and overlooks the coast o... 더 읽어보기

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