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최고 평점을 받은 Puerto Aventuras의 휴가용 임대 숙소

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Casa Dolfín
공동 주택 전체 · 최대 인원 4명 · 침대 2개 · 욕실 1개

Casa Dolfín카사 델핀은 마야 리비에라의 푸에르토 아벤투라스 한복판에 위치한 새로운 콘도입니다! 해변과 상점, 레스토랑에서 단 몇 걸음 거리에 있는 돌고래가 내려다보이는 곳입니다. 푸에르토 아벤투라스는 항해, 낚시, 골프, 스쿠버 다이빙을 제공하는 안전한 개인 항구 마을입니다. 카사 델핀 (Casa Delfín) 에서 제공하는 마야 리비에라의 모든 것을 느껴보세요!

새로운 로맨스 스튜디오
공동주택(콘도) 전체 · 최대 인원 2명 · 침대 1개 · 욕실 1개

새로운 로맨스 스튜디오지하 1층. 매우 큰 스튜디오, 새롭게 리모델링되고 로맨틱한 분위기. 마을 센터, 해변, 레스토랑, 상점, 약국, 골프, 돌고래, 낚시, 스쿠버 다이빙, 보트 전세까지 도보로 5분 거리에 있는 정박지의 뛰어난 위치. 수영장 내에 바가 있는 대형 전용 수영장. 이 평면은 매우 평온하므로 파티를 찾는다면 이 숙소가 적합하지 않습니다. 추가 요금으로 제공됩니다. 자전거 및 자동차 대여, 공항 픽업 및 드롭오프, COVID19 테스트, 수상 활동. 소유자가 현장에 살고 있습니다.

빌라 코라존 디럭스 ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★
저택 전체 · 최대 인원 12명 · 침대 8개 · 욕실 4개

빌라 코라존 디럭스 ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★* 수영장 및 자쿠지 전용 (라운지 의자) * 할인된 가격으로 PA 비치 클럽에 액세스 * 풀 침실 4개 및 풀 욕실 4개 * 침대 8개; * 킹사이즈 침대 2개 * 더블 침대 2개 * 싱글 침대 4개 * 바닥 + 실링 팬 * 골프 코스 전망 * 고속 와이파이 * 스마트 TV 65인치 * 넷플릭스 * 스카이 HD 블랙 시스템 * 전용 트램펄린 * 베버 가스 그릴 * 완비된 테라스 라운지 공간과 식사 공간 * 도보 5분 거리에 있는 카탈루냐 해변 무료 이용 * 평화롭고 안전한 게이트 커뮤니티 발견

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Puerto Aventuras의 다른 근사한 휴가용 임대 숙소

  1. 공동주택(콘도) 전체
  2. Chacalal
리비에라마야 해변의 숨막히는 전망
  1. 공동주택(콘도) 전체
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레저 운하 + 20Mbps 개인 빌라 * 월 단위 요금
  1. 공동주택(콘도) 전체
  2. Puerto Aventuras
Bohemian Style Romantic Loveshack
  1. 공동주택(콘도) 전체
  2. Puerto Aventuras
전용 해변, 비치프런트 콤플렉스, 2 개의 수영장, 와이파이
아직 후기 없음
  1. 공동주택(콘도) 전체
  2. Puerto Aventuras
Comfy 1BR Condo w/Large Pool | Golf Course view
  1. 로프트 전체
  2. Puerto Aventuras
리틀 캐리비안 트리탑 로프트
  1. 주거용 공간 전체
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Paradise! Spacious 4BR Villa! Perfect Stay! Private Pool! BBQ! 2min Walk to Marina!!
  1. 공동 주택 전체
  2. Puerto Aventuras
정박지가 내려다보이는 아름다운 아파트!
  1. 공동 주택 전체
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Cozy apartment with Pool "Marina Adventuras"
  1. 개인실
Puerta Sol 1, Charming Suite in Puerto Aventuras
  1. 타운하우스 전체
  2. Puerto Aventuras
렌트바크 리비에라마야

최고 평점을 받은 Puerto Aventuras의 즐길 거리

검증된 퀄리티의 현지 전문가가 호스팅하는 특별한 체험

  • 초콜릿이 있는 달콤하고 행복한 명상 세션
    This delicious meditation will help you appreciate chocolate from another level, bringing feelings of happiness, peace and gratitude. As been experienced by teams like: Accenture, AdWeek, Facebook, Google, EY, JP Morgan & Chase, LinkedIn, Microsoft, Mondelez, Nestlé, Novartis, Pinterest, Uber, Wikimedia; receiving more than 400 5-star reviews. Connect with your colleagues, friends or family and discover together the benefits and how easy it is to incorporate positive thinking and meditation into your day to day. You do not need any previous experience… just flow and explore chocolate like never before! This experience is great for team-building! Book a private session for your group, family, friends or colleagues of up to 500 people! Our experience includes: · Introduction to meditation · Introduction to mindfulness · Gratitude meditation · Happiness meditation · Blessings meditation · Ritual to sow an intention in your day Contact me if you want: - A special discount for your group - To request an unlisted date / time or a personalized event I will be happy to support you and guide your experience :)
  • 아쿠말 베이에서 즐기는 스노클링
    In the Maya language, Akumal means place of the turtle. That is because many sea turtles are full-time residents of Akumal Bay. That makes seeing turtles out in the bay very possible when you're with an experienced guide like me. I'll meet you near the beach and provide you with life jacket and snorkeling gear. I will then take you through an exclusive entrance onto the beach of Akumal Bay. At the beach, I'll give you instructions on how to use your equipment, where we'll be swimming, what marine life you can expect to see, how to be mindful and respectful of the marine life and environment, and most importantly, how to be safe in the water. Once we enter the water, we'll take a brief pause to make sure everyone is comfortable in the water and with their equipment. Then, I'll guide you around the circuit and show you all of the marine life that Akumal Bay has to offer. You can see sea turtles, stingrays, barracudas, reef squid, coral reef and many other tropical fish. After we've had fun in the water, we'll head back to shore and I'll take your equipment. If you need any help with the rest of your day, I'll be there to assist you. Other things to note You do not need to be a strong swimmer to participate in my tour but you should at least be comfortable in the water. The bay can be closed on occasion due to adverse weather conditions.
  • SUP Yoga in Puerto Aventuras
    Hello from Vickie at Blissup Yoga!! Yoga on the Water. Finding Balance and Stability of mind and body, peace and tranquility. What will you experience? This unique SUP Yoga Experience is a Gentle paced, easy flow yoga class on a paddle board, with experienced SUP yoga teacher Vickie. Vickie has combined her knowledge and experience of teaching on land, with the fluidity of yoga on the water on paddle boards. The gentle flow beginner yoga class will be around 50 minutes followed by a 5 minute Savasana floating (on your board) in the calm and tranquil waters of Puerto Aventuras. The healing sound bath of Tibetan bowls will gently awaken you back from Savasana and your restful state. THE BOARDS WILL BE ANCHORED, YOU WILL NOT FLOAT AWAY! You don’t have to know how to do yoga. You don’t have to know how to paddle board. Just come and enjoy this magical experience at your own pace. It is open to everyone. Guest should be comfortable in and around water. There will be a Personal floatation device on each board. The boards will be anchored during the entire experience. The experience lasts 1 hour. We have various times listed. BOOK YOUR TIME! Feel Free to ask for a specific time if you don't see it listed. Other things to note If you've never done SUP Yoga before but would like to try it, this is a perfect easy first experience. If you are an experienced yogi who has never tried SUP Yoga I'll tailor the class to your needs.
  • 야생 동식물을 만나는 아쿠말 정글 투어
    A la llegada tomaremos las medidas de salud que nos han sido aprobadas por las secretarías de turismo y de salud mexicana. Saldremos con el guía designado desde el punto de encuentro en Akumal Natura Glamping. visitaremos luego un refugio de flora y fauna silvestres. Aprenderás acerca de los planes de Rehabilitación, Reproducción y Reintegración de los mas de 85 animales de diferentes especies que albergamos. Tendrás un encuentro muy cercano con varios animales. Siguiendo los lineamientos de Naciones Unidas con respecto al bienestar de animales silvestres. Podrás acercarte y aprenderás con las explicaciones acerca de cada uno de ellos. Podrás conocer el árbol tóxico, el árbol doctor el árbol del chicle, y otros. Plantarás un árbol en la jungla mejorarando así tu huella ecológica. Conocerás la abeja melipona sin aguijón y podrás degustar su miel y aprender un poco mas acerca de la polinización y la vida y costumbres de este insecto declarado recientemente por la ONU el ser vivo mas importante del planeta. Tras la visita emprenderemos al melipona río nos dirigiremos a nuestra unidad de manejo ambiental para conocer de cerca las actividades e iremos por un sendero en la jungla hasta llegar a 200 metros a un magnifico cenote subterráneo donde podrás zambullirte y nadar en sus aguas iluminadas y cristalinas.
  • 인생을 바꿀 세노테 투어
    This magical experience starts in our meeting spot in Chemuyil, where we will get ready for our adventure. We will offer fruits and some valuable information from our activities program, safety guidelines, q&a and equipment delivery. -Then, we will start riding on our bicycles through our hometown making our way to three different cenotes around our community. You will get to know three different cenotes and their history. Have fun and take us with you as your best memory from the Riviera Maya. This is a 5 hour activities program (approximately) of swimming and exploring in these unique places. You will discover, explore and experience all of their distinctive features. Other things to note Regular and underwater photos are taken during experience. They have an additional cost but are fully accesible. Photos cost may vary depending on amount of people (Optional)

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