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관광에서부터 현지인만 아는 멋진 장소까지, 그 지역에 정통한 현지인의 도움으로 각 도시의 매력을 깊이 있게 체험해 보세요.
“If you’re at all bothered by aggressive shopkeepers, then you should probably avoid this one. It’s interesting, but make no doubt about it, there will be women grabbing your arms and shouting at you in shrill voices to come to their shop. If you find something you like, bargain - bargain hard. A 30% markup for foreigners is pretty well expected.”
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“통일궁은 베트남 호찌민 시에 있는 역사적 명소로, 응오 비엣 투가 설계했다. 전에는 독립궁 또는 노로돔 궁이라 불렀다. 베트남 전쟁 당시에는 미군의 작전 본부로 사용되기도 하였다.”
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“19세기 프랑스 식민지 시절 지어진 성당으로 아름다운 붉은색 외관이 돋보이는, 호치민의 랜드마크입니다. 실제로 프랑스에서 공수해온 붉은 벽돌로 지어졌으며 약 40미터 높이의 뽀족한 첨탑이 인상적인 곳입니다. 화려한 스테인드글라스를 거의 사용하지 않아 웅장함을 자아내며 성모마리아 상 앞에는 기도를 드리는 이들의 발길이 이어집니다.”
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History Museum
“Established in 1975, this has been and still is the most visited museum in Vietnam. It was once named as the Museum of Chinese and American War Crimes. A compelling museum telling stories of the events during the war and even its aftermath. This museum examines the scars of the Vietnam War through well arranged exhibits of pictures, documents, and artifacts. The experience can be gruesome enough to leave a lasting memory - especially Monsanto’s Agent Orange section. You’ll leave the museum thinking one thing: war is hell.”
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“Takashimaya is Japanese department store, provided a wide range of products from Japan, Europe, and the US for mostly middle and upper-class shoppers, the five-storey department. A lot of shops to be dotted in the building takashimaya-vn.com/en”
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“This is the most popular sky bar in Saigon because of its expansive glowing outdoor bar section offering views over Saigon. This 1,000-square meter bar comes with Western-style decoration. There is a walk-in liquor cabinet, which displays more than 300 types of brands, in the sleek dining area. Every day, a Vietnamese or international DJ plays music starting at 9:30 PM. Last but not least, don’t forget to dress up if you decide to go to Chill Skybar as they have a strict dress code.”
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Opera House
“Built in 1863, the City Theater belongs to a unique and long-standing architectural relic of Saigon; and is considered to be the most typical and expensive cultural construction in Sai Gon during the French colonial period. Experiencing many historical events, the City Theater has now become a well-known tourist attraction in Ho Chi Minh City. ”
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“This mall have Zara, H&M so many clothes brand and the price is much cheaper than other countries. Movie theater and convenience supermarket included. ”
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Post Office
“The Saigon Central Post Office is one of the most iconic tourist destinations in Saigon, with charming colonial architecture and ornate decorations forming the backdrop for newlywed photo-shoots, school trips, and city tours. Moreover, it is a beautiful remnant of Vietnam’s complicated past.”
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“Located in the heart of District 1, Bui Vien, Pham Ngu Lao and De Tham are the destinations of dust tourists when visiting the most crowded city of Vietnam, West Saigon is always bustling with visitors from The West Road is not only home to foreigners but also tourists in the country. Here your first impression will be the noisy and bustling with all kinds of languages, all skin color.”
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“Saigon Zoo and Botanical Gardens is a plant and animal conservation park in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. This is the 8th largest zoo in the world.”
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“고풍스러운 프랑스식 외관의 미술관입니다. 총 세 개의 동으로 이루어져 있으며 전쟁, 혁명, 노동, 희망 등 다양한 사회적 주제가 담긴 작품이 전시되어 있습니다. 규모가 큰 편이라 시간적 여유를 가지고 방문하거나 미리 살펴보고 싶은 작품들을 골라 가는 것도 도움이 됩니다. 입장료는 성인은 4만 동, 6세에서 16세는 1만 동. 단, 실내에 냉방 시설이 없습니다~”
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피자 전문점
“The beauty of Saigon was once inspired by French architectures during the last century. As a desire to bring back the resonance of the immemorial Saigon. Not only delicious pizzas but also great experiences in the poetic space here. ”
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“Park with a dining area, cheap shopping and a variety of souvenirs with rooms in the way of Vietnam The park is located right next to Bui Vien street”
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“Leafy public park featuring manicured gardens, a Buddhist temple, play areas & sports facilities. Favorite places by the youth and the elderly to hold any outdoor activity ”
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“Bui Vien Street is the main street of the so called ‘backpackers area’ of Ho Chi Minh City. Here you find a wide variety of inexpensive restaurants, bars, souvenir shops and hotels/hostels. While being seated at one of the places you can soak up the local lifestyle and culture. You can shop, dine and party on Bui Vien Street. The total ‘backpackers area’ consist of roughly four streets and some small interconnecting alleys. To have dinner here is very affordable and will cost you around VND 100-200.000 (US$ 4-8), for this amount you will have a decent meal including a drink. The options vary from Vietnamese, Indian, Italian to Chinese and Western. On Bui Vien street you also find many bars that offer drinks with a view of the busy city life. Depending on the location you can have a beer for VND 10.000 to VND 80.000 (US$ 0.5-3). Besides this there are many souvenir shops that sell affordable gifts ranging from paintings, statues to clothing and bags. As this is the heart of the city centre it can easily be reached by foot or taxi and almost all locals in here speak English. It gets busiest from early evening, around 18:00, with the many bars and pubs popular until 02:00 or even later. ”
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피자 전문점
“The beauty of Saigon was once inspired by French architectures during the last century. As a desire to bring back the resonance of the immemorial Saigon. Not only delicious pizzas but also great experiences in the poetic space here. ”
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베트남 레스토랑
“Do you want to know what Vietnamese people have on their table at dinner? Visit this place, true Vietnamese-cuisine, stunning decorations and music inspired by the old Vietnamese style at the 80s, very good English speaking waiters. However the price is little bit high because all the ingredients are planted by themselves. And the decorations too, i bet you will definitely take a lot of photos there. Enjoy”
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베트남 레스토랑
“The food is great paired with a really good vibe from the open atmosphere and colorful lanterns of the restaurant. ”
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베트남 레스토랑
“Very nice place to eat with your family and friends. They offer different Asian dishes aside from Vietnamese cuisine. Serving time is fast and they have a lot of seat for you and your group. Even with a crowded place waiting time to be seated was around 10min.”
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“Open-air rooftop with its very impressive garden which boasts stands of corn, lemongrass and other herbs and vegetables. It also offers a stunning view of downtown, particularly in the evening. The food on offer is very traditional Vietnamese, and many of the items on the menu will be recognizable to most. The difference here is the quality of the product and its impeccable presentation.”
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“L‘Usine stocks a unisex collection of contemporary fashion, combined with an art gallery and one of the coolest coffee shops in Ho Chi Minh City on the second floor. This is a great place to pop into for a coffee, lunch, drink or a snack, it also contains a concept store retailing emerging Vietnamese labels as well as contributions from abroad”
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채식/비건 레스토랑
“Upscale vegetarian restaurant with amazing service and food. Please book before coming. ”
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채식/비건 레스토랑
“Hum restaurant has succeeded in capturing the spirit of a traditional pagoda. Visitors are greeted by a zen, cozy space highlighted by a small pond brimming with colorful lotus blossoms. Hum has now become the prime spot for those who love eating delicious vegetarian food.”
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