Dine on the Shaded Balcony in the Heart of the City


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Drift off to sleep under the twinkling fairy lights in the calming, pastel-hued bedroom at this tranquil home. Cozy up on the comfy cream sofa, or step out into the sun for a relaxing drink on the balcony before taking a peaceful evening stroll.

“Relaxation, will be more meaningful at this balcony! You will love it!”
– 호스트 IVY Vacation Rentals님

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Athina, 그리스

Neos Kosmos meaning New World!
A quiet neighborhood in the municipality of Athens located south of the historic center of the city. The neighborhood is very safe, quiet and very close to Acropolis (just 20 minutes by walking). You can find anything you might need like supermarkets, bakeries, pharmacies, restaurants etc. within 5-minute walking distance.

아테네 국제공항으로부터의 거리

교통정체가 없을 경우 차로 37분

호스트: IVY Vacation Rentals님

회원 가입일: 2016년 7월
  • 후기 133개
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  • 슈퍼호스트
WE ARE AMBASSADORS OF HOSPITALITY The founders – Yiannis and Valentina are Greek hospitality experts who will treat you like a truly good friend and will offer a new culture of hospitality where you can directly experience the heart of culture making. With a strong believing in our philosophy, that success will follow if we spend time for our guests and assist them to make their stay memorable, our dream became a reality. Ivy Vacation Rentals is situated in the heart of Athens downtown. “Our main goal is to promote guest-friendship as we will be your landlord and it’s really important to make sure that if you’re in Greece, you’re experiencing local life.” Studies and degrees in Tourism and Hospitality as well as our love and never-ending support allowed us to start this journey from 1999 and provide services more than just an accommodation. With us, if you are travelling solo or with friends or family you will get the real sense of feeling at home away from home. We guarantee 5star reviews and totally happy and satisfied guests. A team of curators inspect the properties, guide the owners with their space to give people something to talk about and engage each other to create unique experiences, more choices and new environments to explore different lifestyles with a wide range of services. Any time you “travel” with us we make you a part of our lifestyle for a while in the way that you want to be inspired with complete holiday experience on top of our support and concierge services. As all these years we are drawing on the strengths of each property, like space and hospitality, we have built a compelling network of guests, partners, customers and tools that elevated our flexibility, productivity and results in the hospitality industry. We offer you 24/7 quality user experiences not found elsewhere. We are 24/7 reachable by phone, chat or emails procedure. We deliver hospitality that communicates quality to guests. We define quality spaces and services over luxury. Some people just want a bed, others an experience. Our spaces are this kind of places!
WE ARE AMBASSADORS OF HOSPITALITY The founders – Yiannis and Valentina are Greek hospitality experts who will treat you like a truly good friend and will offer a new culture of hos…

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  • 정책 번호: 00001243997
  • 언어: English, Ελληνικά
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