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Sapporo sightseeing ! Susukino ,Odori Park is nearby札幌すすきの、大通すぐ近く(ツインルーム)

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Sapporo sightseeing ! Susukino ,Odori Park is nearby札幌すすきの、大通すぐ近く(ツインルーム)

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We are located in the Tanuki Koji shopping arcade in the heart of Sapporo. Sapporo's main sights such as Odori Park, the TV Tower, Clock Tower and the Old Road Station can all be easily reached on foot.

The North Living concept is built around the colours and materials found within Hokkaido and thus giving the hotel the essence of Hokkaido. Simple yet hotel like facilities to accommodate any traveler.

In addition, we believe that various "Koto" (experiences, events) at the destination greatly enhances the traveler’s journey. We will prepare the best "Koto" with the people of Sapporo to welcome our travelers.

[Room] 7,8F
This private hotel like space can be used by two people.
Equipped with its own shower and toilet,for you to enjoy your time at your own space.
15.6㎡ Private shower and toilet
Please note that the elevator only operates until the 7th floor.
Guests staying on the 8th floor are asked to leave the elevator and the 7th floor and use the stairwell to reach the 8th floor.

[Pod contents]
Free Wi-fi,Wall socket,USB socket,Hangar,Hair dryer,Television,Refrigerator,Tissue box

[Complimentary service]
Bath towel,face towel,Slippers,Tooth brush,Razor,Hair brush

[Paid service]
100 JPY Ear plugs,Laundry powder
200 JPY Night wear,Skin care set
500 JPY Travel adapter

Reception 2F 6:30-22:00

Common living space & BAR 2F
Mini-kitchen with sink,Kettle,Toaster,Microwave,Refrigerator
Prepare a simple meal while chatting with the other guests
Enjoy a craft beer in our bar area every evening between 19:00 and 22:00

Wash stands 3,4F
Open 24 hours daily

Shower room 2,3,4,5F
Open 24 hours daily
Shampoo, Conditioner and Body Soap are provided in each shower
Plenty of room to get undressed and the doors lock too (Female only floor)

Laundry room 2F
Open 24 hours daily
Laundry Machine・Tumble Dryer(Coin operated)


The North Livingをコンセプトに北海道を感じて頂けるような色や素材を使用し、内装を仕上げました。シンプルでありながらホテルライクな設備を整え、女性一人旅でも安心して利用頂けるよう心がけました。

また、旅先での様々な「コト」(体験、イベント)は、 旅を大きく盛り上げてくれると私たちは信じています。 札幌の方々と共に様々な「コト」を用意して、 旅行者の皆様をお迎えします。

[お部屋] 7,8階



100円 耳栓、洗濯用洗剤
200円 パジャマ、スキンケアセット、
500円 変換プラグ


2階 シンク付きのミニキッチン、ポット、トースター、電子レンジ、冷蔵庫

3、4階 24時間利用可能

2、3、4、5階 24時間利用可能

2階 24時間利用可能。洗濯機、乾燥機(有料)

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