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도회지 시설에 모래사장과 예쁜 해안선이 있어 에메랄드 시티라 불리는 시드니. 특히 이곳의 시드니 항은 세계 최고의 미항으로 꼽힙니다.

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Despite its vast size, it’s easy to get around Sydney. The city’s public transport network extends to its outer reaches. A MyMulti Day Pass costs $22 and buys unlimited travel for the day by bus, train, and ferry. The city and its surrounding areas are easily explored on foot, and most boast scenic spots to rest along the way. While driving is possible, Sydney’s roads get fairly congested. During peak times, traffic can double the time of commutes. We suggest that you make at least one trip by ferry. It’s a stellar way to appreciate the beauty of the harbor and explore the other side of Sydney—no matter which side you started on.

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서핑, 본다이 비치, 여유롭고 시크(chic)한 매력, 시드니 오페라하우스, 커피 문화, 포스터스(Fosters) 맥주, 시드니항, 게이도 평등한 대우.

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바다, 서핑, 야외카페 문화, 맛있는 커피, 빅토리아 비터(Victoria Bitter) 맥주, 소형 양조장, 위스키 바, 야외 스포츠, 럭비, City2Surf 마라톤 대회, 뉴질랜드인들

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'본디'가 아니라 '본다이' 비치예요!, 기절초풍할 유류비, 임대료, 술값, 톨게이트비, 교통, 대중교통, 멜번