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아담한 원룸에서 고급 로프트 스타일의 숙소까지, 에어비앤비에서 회원님이 찾는 휴가별장 임대 숙소를 검색해보세요.
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Ocean County의 휴가별장 임대

₩70053 Private room off Rutgers NB Campus
후기 18개

Our suburban home is centrally located to the major highways of New Jersey & Rutgers campus. It is recommended to have your own transportation especially in the colder months al... 더 읽어보기
₩57210 Private room , NYC train access
후기 51개

I am renting out a bright sunny cozy bedroom in my 2BR townhome in Somerset, NJ. It is less than 5 miles from New Brunswick train station where you can catch a direct train to N... 더 읽어보기
₩70053 RU/ R Prep/ St Peters/ RWJ are here
후기 26개

This cozy bedroom has a firm/ supportive twin bed, end table, closet, a dresser, luggage rack, hamper bag, bathroom tote, WIFI, 2 light fixtures for bright and dim lighting, and... 더 읽어보기
₩87566 Near New Brunswick w/Fireplace
후기 26개

This nicely decorated bedroom has a cushioned/firm queen bed, dresser, large closet, hamper, luggage rack, bath tote, bright and dim lighting, WIFI, and electric fire place. A ... 더 읽어보기
₩81729 Close to New Brunswick w/Large Desk
후기 10개

This colorful morning sun room with darkening shades has an extra large desk, WIFI, a medium/soft queen bed, dresser, closet, bright and dim lighting, towel hooks, a bath tote, ... 더 읽어보기

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